McCaulay Dalton Brokerage Support

The primary function of our business is offering Trade Support to our network of buyers and sellers. We do not consider ourselves as regular brokers but more as ‘Trade Facilitators’ where we focus on developing relationship based business as opposed to making a transaction. With each interaction within our network of buyers and sellers we look for opportunities to develop business. By applying our service principals and Trade Support we are able to build a business for our partners that mutually benefits their association and McCaulay Dalton & Company is able to enhance the relationship.

Our approach is simple whereby we establish a relationship ourselves with each side of the trade to gain an understanding of the nuance’s of their business. We are then able to generate a profile from which to match buyers and sellers based on the best fit for the trade and work on developing a relationship where sellers can meet the regular demand of the buyers for commodity requirements.

McCaulay Dalton Trading Support

With the large supplier network that McCaulay Dalton has established over the years within the agricultural industry in Australia, we are able to originate grain and oilseeds for our international network of buyers. The team has international experience in trading and execution in both Containers and Bulk export and follows the industry standards within our contracts as well as quality assurance. Our approach is to originate only Australian grains and oilseeds as a principal and when Australian product becomes uncompetitive we offer our international customers supply year round through sourcing product through our brokerage supplier network. This approach gives us market information from many sources and adds to the strong intelligence reporting we offer our customers and suppliers.

Trading Support Team

The McCaulay Dalton support staff has been trained in the industries latest standards for documentation and logistic support and can ensure that the execution of a trade is done with a high level of precision and accuracy. A trade is only as good as its delivery and our philosophy on service and the focus on repeat relationship based business is the key driver behind our execution function. Our customers receive the highest level of support and communication of their shipments as well as swift documentation production so that the necessary Certificates and Documents are received well in time for discharge.



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